Player Scholarships

At Budd Bay Rugby we strive to ensure all players, of any age, have an opportunity to play the great game of rugby. In tough economic times, Budd Bay Rugby may be able to help those players that demonstrate a need for financial assistance, a strong desire to play the game and an even stronger committment to the Budd Bay Rugby Football Club.

This program is intended to provide athletes competitive opportunities for playing rugby with Budd Bay RFC. Scholarships awarded through this program cover club administrative expenses, union registrations and required players kit (shorts and socks). Scholarship applications will be considered as they are received and until funds are exhausted. Both full and partial scholarship applications will be reviewed.

APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2020 SEASON ARE DUE NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 15, 2020. Applications received after this date may be considered on a case-by-case basis, dependent upon fund availability.

Scholarship Criteria:

Applicant must be actively registered as a player with Budd Bay Rugby, in good standing. Scholarship applications will be assessed on the following elements:

  • Application Form: Member must complete the application. Applications shall be signed and given to the team coach or team manager, or mailed to:

Budd Bay RFC
7740 Prine Dr SW
Olympia, WA 98512

  • Statement of Interest: Each applicant shall provide with their application a written statement of interest OR attend the next scheduled Board meeting to provide an oral presentation in support of their application. Written materials shall be no longer than 250 words; oral presentations no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Statement of Support from the team coach and team manager. The statement shall include awareness of the players:
    • Good Sportsmanship: Player must exemplify good sportsmanship, including attitude toward team members, coaches, equipment, officials and spectators. Scholarship players will be expected to attend all trainings and matches.
    • Commitment to Budd Bay Rugby: Scholarship recipients will be expected to participate in Budd Bay fundraisers, player recruitment activities and develop/participate in one charitable/community activity.
  • Financial Need: Financial need is a consideration, but not necessarily a requirement. Applicant shall provide a short description of any financial considerations that may negatively impact their ability to participate in Budd Bay RFC activities.

Scholarship Benefits

Budd Bay RFC Sports Scholarships are designed to assist athletes who wish to pursue an elite sporting career while maintaining a strong focus on club participation. Benefits of a Scholarship include:

  • Financial assistance up to $350. Additional funds may be available, at the Board's discretion, for special events,
  • Annual membership to Budd Bay RFC,
  • Access to rugby assessments, testing and regional and national selections, and
  • Participation in leadership and developmental courses, as available,

Scholarship Recipients Code of Conduct

Successful recipients agree to:

  • Attend all team events, including training, matches and team meetings.
  • Participate in all competitions as required, other than in exceptional circumstances.
  • Promote Budd Bay RFC and/or the relevant team through outreach to fellow students and the public during club sponsored events.
  • Actively assist in recruiting members and quality sportspeople to Budd Bay RFC.
  • Subscribe to anti-doping policies in general, and abide by a drug- and alcohol-free philosophy. Participating in Budd Bay RFC activities under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol, and/or legal convictions for illicit drugs or alcohol, shall result in forfeiture of scholarship and participation in Budd Bay RFC activities.
  • Attend mentoring, leadership and educational tutoring programs as required and/or available
  • Ensure that the good name of Budd Bay RFC is not brought into disrepute through personal actions and/or comments.

To learn more about Budd Bay Rugby's player scholarship program, please download and complete the APPLICATION and mail to the address above. Your Team Manager may also be willing to accept your application and give it to the Club President.

For additional questions, please contact the Club President at

Please allow for up to thirty (30) days for application review. Members that have applied for scholarship will not be penalized for non-payment on account while awaiting decision.

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