Recent Match Highlights

Here are the highlights from the last matches:

Match Report for 5/12:

High School Girls Varsity: Steelheads 12 to Shelton 44 

Man of the Match: Natalie Gronzo, Maya Martinez and Diana Campos-Hilario

What a beautiful day for Rugby! The Steelheads travelled to Shelton for a playoff match. The game started off pretty equal in competition with play never going out of the same 20 meters for the first period. The girls were down until the third period when Sydnee Hetrick scored two tries and Maya Martinez converted one of them! This shows how much the Steelheads persist and never give up. Everyone left the pitch with a smile on their face and a belly ready for some food. Shelton is always a pleasure to play and a great host!

High School Boys Varsity: Barbarians 38 to Liberty 43 

Man of the Match: Jr Sauvao

Hands down one of the best matches all season for our Barbarians! They were down 21 points in the first 15 minutes of the game, then something switched. The coaches told the boys to have fun, and they not only had fun but almost won the game! The Barbarians matched Liberty with tries and only lost by one kick and one penalty kick. The Barbarians that scored were Mika Faaitu, Jeffery Moegu (2), Tomasi Manu, Jr Sauvao, and Jamin Faalogo what an incredible battle from the Barbarians and a great way to end the 15’s season!

7th/8th Grade Co-Ed: Berserkers (Jamboree) 

This weekend was an end of season tourney held in Orting Lions Field. Berserkers played hard all day! They lost 1st match to Rainier, 35-28. The 2nd Match was against strong Tacoma side that went undefeated throughout the year.

1st-6th Grade Co-Ed: Thunder (Jamboree)

Both youth teams travelled up to Orting to play on a gorgeous Saturday. U10 teams dominated and showed the rest of the area the future of Budd Bay! U12 teams played a back and forth matches with their opponents. Only giving up trys on some questionable referring. All in all though spectacular rugby was played. Go Thunder!


Match Report for 5/5-5/6 

Adult Men: Buffaloes 66 to Seattle Quake 24

Man of the Match: Dan Conklin

The Buffaloes hosted the Seattle Quake for the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union Championship this past weekend, and Bay came out firing on all cylinders. The Quake could do little to stop the barrage of attacks by Bay throughout the first half. The halftime score was Buffaloes 45-12 Quake. The second half saw Seattle settle down and slow the scoring for the home team, but the herd was a'rumbling too hard to stop. At the final whistle it was Bay 66-24 Quake.
Kylar Anderson, Brett Woods and Jacob Durr each had one try a piece, Malachi Jones had three tries and Dan Conklin had four tries. Jamie Barnwell was 8/10 in point after attempts.

High School Boys Varsity: Barbarians 27 to Tacoma 46

Man of the Match: Jeffery Moegu

Barbarians had a tough match against Tacoma. They didn’t get the win but they put up one heck of a battle. Jeffery Moegu had the first two tries, followed by his cousin Kieran Hunkin with a try. Tomasi Manu had a try, as well as Jr Sauvao’s final try of the day. Jr entertained the crowd with his victory dance. Barbarians take on Liberty for next weekend for their first playoff game GO Barbarians!!!

High School Boys JV: Barbarians 15 to Tacoma 47

Man of the Match: Jacob Schuster 

What a beautiful day of rugby on Sunday! The boys took on a tough Tacoma team and came up short on the win. Alex Cook got the first try of the day followed by our scrappy scrum half, Eli Osso, with the second try and last but not least, DJ Togiola with the last and final try of the day. Way to battle Barbarians! They played a clean hard match and I’m proud of the way our boys handle themselves with opponents who get chippy.

7th-8th Grade Co-Ed: Berserkers 0 to Eastside 58

Man of the Match: Alex Silva

This was a tough played match against experienced team!

1st-6th Grade Co-Ed Rookies: Thunder

The youth teams (Thunder) travelled with low numbers, however some of the other teams were kind enough to loan out extras they had. Even with a mixed team, the core players showed their grit on a warm day. The field and scheduling definitely played for a home team advantage, however most teams did a lot of running to catch up to us.

The U10 team showed some real growth, some players stepping up and proving themselves. They played like future champions we all know they will be some day! 

U12 Teams got the short end of some major scheduling problems. A 15 min warmup, and a chance to figure out how to play with loaner teammates proved problematic the first half of the first game. But true to their nature and determination to keep playing, they kept at it and rallied in the second half. And crushed it for their second match. The third match was a forfeit, due the last opponent deciding to run home in fear rather than play us! 

Couldn’t be prouder than these kids to fight it out. And thanks to the parents that drove all that way!



Go Bay!!

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