Recent Match Highlights - Fall 2018

Here are the highlights from the 2018 Fall matches:

Match Report for 9/8:

Adult Men: Buffaloes 55 to Clark County Cheifs 45 

First match of the season had the Buffaloes playing away from their usual home pitch, Rainier Vista. The Buffaloes came out hard in the first half and had the lead into the half by over 20. But the Chiefs rallied back and actually took the lead up until the last ten minutes of play when Bay scored two tries and ended the match 55-45.

Adult Women: Bandits 7 to Seattle Mudhens 69

Budd Bay Bandits took on Seattle Mudhen's for their first match of the season. Due to heavy recruiting they took the pitch with a full roster and many new faces. Mudhen's came out and on top with experience but that didn't stop the Bandits from coming out strong and putting on some big hits and excellent defense. It was a good learning experience for the rookies to play a team at such a high level to see what good rugby is all about. Mason Johnson scored the first try of the season followed by the first conversion of the season made by Erin Stehr.


Match Report for 9/15 

Adult Men: Buffaloes 49 to Battleground Bulls 33 

The Buffaloes traveled south to take on one of last years big rivals, the Battle Ground Bulls. Bay came out tough and played well against the home team. Play continuity and teamwork helped Bay bring home the win.

Adult Women: Bandits 20 to Tacoma Sirens 17

This past weekend, the Bandits faced off against rivals, the Tacoma Sirens. A lot of rookies made their debut during this game and showed off skills they've learned in six short weeks of practice. The game was evenly matched and both sides brought the aggression, which made it an exciting one to watch. Bandits veterans Echo Duplessis and Malory Salazar put up the first two tries of the day inside of twenty minutes, plus one conversion. The Sirens answered with a try of their own in the first half, and again at the start of the second half, but Bay rookie Eunice Relucio made her debut try to regain the lead. Sirens put down one more try and a conversion to even the score. In the 71st minute, our captain and kicker Erin Stehr successfully kicked for points off a penalty, giving the Bandits three points, and ultimately, the win. The Sirens nominated Erin Stehr and Malory Salazar as women of the match, who both put forth relentless drive, persistence and leadership. Bandits selections for our standout performers were Jo Cram, who never seemed to get a break from driving the ball down the line and providing excellent team support, and Echo Duplessis who had a number of break aways and was instrumental in getting the ball out to the wing, when the defense put the pressure on. The Bandits are excited to come out with a win from such an evenly matched, highly competitive game, and hope to carry the momentum on to Chuckanut on the 29th!


Match Report for 9/29

Adult Men: Buffaloes 110 to St Martin's Saints 0

The Buffaloes played a friendly match against the newest version of the St. Martin's University Rugby Club. Most all of their players were new to the sport and even though Bay played all of their own new players, the difference in play was night and day. The Buffaloes completely dominated the match with tries being scored pretty much at will. The students kept their heads up though throughout the match and never gave up. 

Adult Women: Bandits 36 to Chuckanut Mussels 29

The Bandits had a great weekend away at Chuckanut. We showed up ready to compete, and set the pace with a try in the fifth minute from Machal Salazar. Chuckanut answered with one of their own and we volleyed the score to tie 17-17 at the half. The Bandits put up another try to start the second half, but Chuckanut took the lead with two tries in five minutes. The Bandits kept their heads and played good clean ball to maintain possession. Malory Salazar scored once more to tie the game again in the 77th minute. The Bandits were not through, and didn't want to settle for a tie. They kept the ball in play until the last minute, and Budd Bay rookie (but veteran rugger) Erica Myers took it to the try line to win the game on the whistle. The Salazar sisters tallied two tries a piece, and Jo Cram and Erica Myers each claimed one. Captain Erin Stehr made three conversions to give the Bandits a seven point win. Our rookies continue to learn and prove themselves on the pitch. We are definitely coming together as team and had great communication and rucking in this game which helped us keep possession in the second half. Catch us 10/13 in Portland as we face ORSU!


Match Report for 10/6

Adult Men: Buffaloes 17 to Seattle Quake (A side) 19

The Buffaloes traveled north to Seattle to take on the Quake, who Budd Bay last played in the championship last season. Lots of hard hits and missed opportunities throughout this highly contested match. Tough play back and forth with each team trading tries with each other. The only time the Buffaloes weren't able to equal were the point after attempts at goal, that's where the Quake found their two extra points to take the win.
The Buffaloes play at home this coming weekend taking on the Eastside Axemen, who are traveling down from the Bellevue area.

Adult Women: Bandits - Bye 


Match Report for 10/13

Adult Men: Buffaloes 68 to Eastside Axemen 0

After coming away from last week with a close loss to the Quake, the Buffaloes were looking to take it to the visiting Axemen and that's just what they did. With tough running and equally rough match play, the Buffaloes were in control of the match the entire 80 minutes. Terry Jackson lead the try scoring with 4 as the Buffaloes handily kept the Axemen scoreless throughout. Budd Bay will see Eastside again at their home pitch in Seattle in November.

Adult Women: Bandits 74 to ORSU D2 Jesters 10

The Bandits had another excellent weekend on the road! We delivered the first kickoff, but managed to get hands on the ball before ORSU could collect, and claimed our first try with 25 seconds on the clock. Starting with a bang set the tone for the whole game. The Bandits ended the first half with 36 points on the board to ORSU's 0. ORSU took control to start the second half and let us know they were not going to take a shut out game. The Bandits continued to play thorough defense, and hardly gave the Jesters room to run throughout the whole game. The defense combined with excellently timed offloads and good team connection/ball handling were what made this a solid Bandit game. Every match we look more and more cohesive, and our rookies take leaps in skill with every opportunity to play. Scorers in this match included Echo Duplessis, Sarah Hulsey, Machal Salazar, Malory Salazar, Erica Myers, and Bandit rookie (but rugby veteran) Helen "Toke" Hunt, a rugby veteran who came off of a long hiatus and debuted on the Bandits with a hat trick. Caitlin Thompson stepped up to fill in for our usual captain Erin Stehr as flyhalf and kicker, and made seven conversions! Malory Salazar was our first half capitan, and Kimy Peterson took on the role for the second half to lead the Bandits to a huge victory! Thank you for your support this season, and we hope to see everyone at the halloween tournament in Portland!


Match Report for 10/20

Adult Men: Buffaloes 33 to Clark County 39

20 October saw the Budd Bay Buffaloes traveling to face off against the Clark County Chiefs. It was a bit of a rough start for the Buffaloes on the attack and on defense the first half trading 2 for 2 tries with the Chiefs. However the always accurate foot of fly-half Jamie Barnwell gave the Buffaloes the early lead making his 2 conversion kicks giving Bay a 4 point lead going into the second half.
The second half saw the Buffaloes again struggle on defense. The loss of almost the entire starting backline to injuries was visibly evident as Bay gave up 5 tries to 3 in the second half. The Buffaloes had some great moments of play Saturday: Forward Malachi Jones scored 3 tries, Scrumhalf Jacob Durr and Fly-half Jamie Barnwell each scored 1 try each with Jamie making 4-5 conversions. At the final Clark County got the win 39-33 over Bay.
As our new players improve and our injured ruggers return we are looking ahead to dominating the league once again in the spring. Our last fall match is an away game November 3rd Vs the Eastside Axemen.


Go Bay!!

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