Frank Parker - An Extraordinary Man
Posted Jan 26, 2013

Frank F. Parker  
September 20, 1926 – November 19, 2008

“BJ” Parker  
March 23, 1928 – November 25, 2001

 Frank Parker, a Budd Bay Rugby Patron

When Frank F. Parker passed away in 2008 at the age of 82 in Orange County, he had lived a full life. He served in the U.S. Navy, studied electrical engineering, married and established his own successful electronics company, Parko Electronics, Inc. He designed and manufactured electronic components. Some of Frank’s electrical parts contributed to the success of NASA’s Apollo Project and are currently on the moon as part of an Apollo landing craft.

Frank was raised in Firebaugh, California, a small farming town in the San Joaquin Valley. After high school he joined the US Navy and upon discharge graduated form UC Berkley in electrical engineering. After working for Douglas Aircraft and then Hallamore Electronics, he started his own company. He married Alberta Jean Menuey, a stewardess, who was a devoted companion and helped Frank run the business. Initially he worked out of his garage and relocated his company to larger quarters four times during his career. He was still running his company when he died at 82.

During their lives, Frank and BJ flew their own plane, and enjoyed hiking and camping in the majestic outdoors. They spent many hours camping and water skiing at Lake Powell, and snow skiing at Sun Valley. They loved music and he was an accomplished drummer. BJ was a gourmet cook having studied cooking in Europe. They loved wine and sharing good times with friends. They were a unique couple, highly intelligent, and fun-loving. They worked hard, played hard, and were generous with their employees and friends. Most of their trust went to various charitable causes such as Shriner’s Hospital for Children, North Thurston Education Foundation, Explorer Search and Rescue, USA Rugby Foundation and Budd Bay Rugby.

Frank’s interest in rugby began when his “bastard grandson” Scott LaValla at age 16 began playing rugby. Frank became a passionate rugby enthusiast attending the Junior World Cup in 2006 in Dubai (Scott was on the USA U-19 team) and U-19 games between USA and Canada in Phoenix, AZ, in 2006, 2007 and 2008.  


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