Car Wash Fundraiser Info Page

Car washes are a great way to earn a little extra money for your team. See below for some ideas on how best to conduct the fundraiser.

Option 1 (Preferred)

Sell car wash tickets.

Pros: Environmentally friendly, sell many tickets per individual, limitless time frame

Cons: Minor costs up front to purchase tickets.

Step 1: Determine $ amount necessary to raise for event/need.

Step 2: Visit:, to review current car wash ticket prices.

Step 3: Determine appropriate sales value (usually $10/ticket)

Step 4: Determine how many tickets are needed.

(Formula to raise $1,000:

If each ticket sells for $10, and each cost 2.50, then each ticket profits $7.50. You will need to sell ~134 tickets to break $1,000, as well as recover ticket costs.

Net profit / per ticket profit = tickets needed

$1000 / $7.50 = 133.3 (then round up 1 to 134)

Gross sales - ticket costs = net profit.

$1340 - $335 = $1,005

Step 5: Discuss fundraiser with your team manager, and determine if the club has funds available to acquire the car wash tickets.

Step 6: Revisit and purchase tickets.

Step 7: Set a schedule to sell tickets, and a deadline to collect all monies.


Step 9: Turn in all monies to team manager!

You're all done - and a HUGE thank you for pulling off the fundraiser successfully!!

Option 2

Host your own car wash fundraiser.

Pros: good team building exercise; stay busy and connected on "off" weekends.

Cons: limited volume of sales; purchase and storage of cleaning supplies, hoses, rags and other equipment.

The location of your car wash is very important to prevent polluted soapy car wash water from entering local streams via storm drains. Soap and grime washed off cars contains pollutants that are toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

Step 1: Contact your local jurisdiction for approved charity car wash locations.

Tumwater: 360-754-4140

Lacey: 360-438-2687

Olympia: 360-753-8346

Step 2: Select Location

Step 3: Contact site owner/manager to discuss date(s) event can be held. Be sure to plan ahead, as many other charitable groups in the area have the same idea.

Step 4: Solicit help from your teammates on the date(s) selected.

Step 5: Contact (again) the local jurisdiction to inquire about the *free* car wash kit they may provide to community groups for charitable events.

Step 6: Purchase/borrow hoses, hose nozzles, soap, buckets, sponges, rags, shammies, anything you need to do the car wash.

Step 7: Have at it! Hopefully you picked a sunny day, and you'll get many dirty cars to wash. DO A GOOD JOB… you want to get repeat customers!

Step 8: Turn in all monies to team manager!

You're all done - and a HUGE thank you for pulling off the fundraiser successfully!!

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