Please use the following colors, images and templates to promote uniformity and consistency on all Budd Bay Rugby Football Club materials. Where applicable, the names and images below are copyrighted and require approval from the Budd Bay RFC Board of Directors prior to use.


R G B Hex
Blue (Foreground) 50 61 140 #323D8C
Gold 241 198 140 #F1C62C
Navy (Background) 6 32 65 #062042

Jersey Standards

All team and club jerseys shall conform to the following standards. Jersey design and material selection shall be proposed to the Budd Bay RFC Board of Directors for final approval.

Official Club Colors: Blue & Gold

All jerseys must contain the official club colors, in a predominant fashion.

All team jerseys shall bear the club crest, in full color, over the left chest.

Sponsor logos shall be limited to three, and adhere to IRB regulations on sponsor logos and marketing.

Player numbers shall be visibly displayed on the back of the jersey.

A minimum of 25 jerseys shall be ordered for a new team jersey. This includes a playing roster of 22, plus three replacements (L, XL, & XXL). In addition, if the club has sponsor(s) for the jersey, a single jersey shall be provided to the sponsor.


Physical Copy:

  1. Right click on the logo and select "Save Image As..."
  2. Browse to the location on your computer where you would like to save the image
  3. Press Save

HTML Web Link:

When placing an image into a web based document (HTML, Online Blog, etc), you can reference the web based version of the image. To do so:

  1. Right click on the logo and select "Copy Image URL"
  2. Paste the image URL into your web form

Club Crest - White Outline

(There is a white outline that will be visible when placed on a dark background)

Club Crest - Dark Shadow

(Transparent versions are available as well)

Bandits Crest

(If on a dark background, black circle and text should be white)

Barbarians Crest

Buffaloes Crest

(If on a dark background, black text should be white, and white outline around Buffaloe head is acceptable)

Steelheads Crest

(If on a dark background, white outline is acceptable)

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