Giving Back

When Budd Bay RFC was founded, one of its principle tenants was to give back - supporting community outreach efforts throughout the Puget Sound. Several factors drove - and continue to drive - this important tenant:

  • BBRFC benefits from the use of community parks; this is one fitting way to say thanks.
  • BBRFC prides itself on having a strong youth base, and important to strengthening that base is developing quality athletes. Community outreach is a fantastic method of instilling a sense of responsibility in the future of rugby.
  • Reaching out to help others invariably results in others learning about our organization - and Budd Bay Rugby is proud to promulgate rugby throughout the South Sound in this manner.
Boys and GIrls Club Breakfast of 2017
Posted May 29, 2017

As is tradition, members of the Budd Bay Rugby community spent an early morning having breakfast and listening to inspiring speeches at the 2017 Boys and Girls Club Fundraising breakfast.

The club has long been a partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County and looks forward to continuing the relationship into the future. For more information about the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County, visit their website. For more information about how Budd Bay RFC partners with local organizations, send us an email!

BBRFC to Send Coach Trevor to Haiti

The youth of Haiti are eager to play rugby, and BBRFC wants to help!

In partnership with Helping Hands Noramise, Budd Bay Rugby, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has the opportunity to send a representative to Limbe, Haiti to coach a clinic focused on developing Haitian coaches that will remain in the area to continue working with the youth. This clinic will help build a sustainable foundation for rugby to grow in Haiti.

Budd Bay Rugby has selected Trevor Anderson to represent our club at the coaching clinic in Limbe, Haiti. Trevor has been a part of Budd Bay since its inception, as a player, volunteer, board member and coach. He is currently the coaching director for our club and will bring his knowledge of and passion for the sport to Haiti with him.

Help Budd Bay Rugby send Trevor Anderson to Haiti to help create a sustainable base for rugby to grow in Haiti!

Giving Thanks

BBRFC Volunteers at the Thurston County Food Bank

Budd Bay Rugby survives on the kindness and generosity of the volunteers, sponsors and donors who endlessly provide time and money to allow our club to continue on. Without all of you - friends, family, players, supporters and local businesses - we'd be little more than a rag tag bunch of 13 players trying to fill a full side.

In order to express our gratitude for the constant support, BBRFC has made volunteer activities a staple for our club since its formation. It's good to remind ourselves that we are part of this community, and that we, collectively, can give a little back to those in need.

Last weekend, over 40 ruggers banded together to dedicate 3 hours on a Saturday to tackle a new challenge - volunteering at the Thurston County Food Bank. We had members from each team show up, and were able to pack over 8 pallets of goods to be distributed to centers throughout Thurston County.

It was a wonderful turnout for an event dedicated to expressing our Thanks to the community that spends so much throughout the year to take care of us.

Check out pictures here.

To those that have given to Budd Bay Rugby this year, please accept our sincerest thanks. To everyone, please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Helping Hands Noramise

Helping Haiti Recover Through Rugby!

In keeping with its charitable history, Budd Bay RFC is pleased to announce we will be partnering with former Budd Bay RFC immortal, Rosedanie Cadet (many of you may remember her as former women's coach, former Steelheads coach and just about everything all-star in rugby), and joining with Helping Hands Noramise (HHN) to help bring about some positive goodness in Haiti.

Following the tragic earthquakes that rocked the tiny island nation, Rosedanie began working with small communities in Haiti to help rebuild - with an eye on sustainability and empowerment. Read more about Rosedanie and her efforts here:

Two years ago, Rosedanie asked for help to bring rugby to youth in the communities she was working with. We were happy to help, giving HHN a handful of balls and t-shirts. Little did we realize, rugby was non-existent in Haiti - and the youth are craving more rugby. Through our partnership with HHN, Budd Bay RFC will sponsor an international side to help spread rugby and our love of the game across the seas. Through rugby, we hope that the communities working with Rosedanie will find more unity and strength to empower the redevelopment of their home.


JOIN US this Friday, from 7-10pm at Traditions Cafe for music, a silent auction and door prizes. If you can't make it, but would like to make a donation, please visit, or contact Rosedanie via email ( to contribute your gift for the silent auction. The more prizes the better! Hope to see you there!

Wolf Haven

Budd Bay RFC Helps Out the Wolves!!

Update: 4/22/2012

Wolf Haven thanks Budd Bay for support

Last week, Wolf Haven's animal curator Wendy Spencer was interviewed on a radio program called "The Dog Show with Julie Forbes". Here is a 24 minute audio clip of the interview.

At the end of the interview, Wendy gives a shout-out to some of the people, organizations, volunteers and businesses who volunteered - including Budd Bay Rugby Football Club! Listen to the interview below - the whole interview is very interesting, but you can skip to the 18th minute if you just want to hear about ruggers:

Following the Jan 2012 winter storms, local wildlife conservation organization, Wolf Haven, appealed to the community for help to address the $50,000 worth of damage they experienced. Falling limbs damaged enclosures, remote cameras and made quite a mess throughout the grounds of the Tenino-based international organization dedicated to the conservation of wolves.

The Budd Bay Rugby Football Club (a 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rugby throughout the South Sound) heard the howl, and knew they could mobilize an army of ruggers to help Wolf Haven get back on track. With support from the coaches, each team volunteered ruggers to lend a hand in the storm clean-up.

"Ruggers are my new favorite people!" one Wolf Haven staffer said. Budd Bay RFC was simply glad to be able to help.

The wolves also recognized their effort - thanking them with their song upon arrival both days, and bidding them farewell on Sunday.

Not only did the Club make a difference for another member of the local community, but over 50 Budd Bay Directors, Coaches and Players worked hard alongside each other - moving in unison toward a common goal - a true rugby unit.

A great experience and much fun was had. Budd Bay Rugby looks forward to future opportunities to give back to the community, and continue to build on this wonderful relationship with Wolf Haven.

Thank you Wolf Haven - for the experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to give a little back to you, the wolves and our community.

Previous Events

Organizations where Budd Bay Rugby has volunteered time to teach touch rugby: Boys & Girls Club, Girls Scouts of America, City of Olympia YMCA, Briggs Community YMCA, Summer and Winter Sports Camps VAC, Roosevelt Elementary School, City of Lacey

Other Community Activities: Adopt-a-Highway Program, Campaigning for City of Lacey Parks Funding and Initiatives, Friends of the Olympia Library, Thurston County Food Bank, Community Youth Services and provide donations and other support to the Hurricane Katrina and Haiti relief efforts.

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