2018 - 2019 Competitive Season

ADULT RUGBY (19 and Older)

**All Adult Team Registrations after December 1 receive a $100 discount

Men's Rugby



Women's Rugby




Boys Varisty
Boys JV

Girls Varsity
Player Eligibility:
Boys Varsity - Grades 11-12
Boys JV - Grades 9-10

Girls Varsity - Grades 9-12


Junior Rugby


Player Eligibility: Grades 7 & 8 Coed

Youth Rugby


Player Eligibility: Grades 1st thru 6th Coed
Rookie dues includes a kit - rugby shirt, shorts and socks.

Social Membership $100.00

Supporter Membership

Blue: $250.00

Gold: $500.00

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For more detailed dues information, please see the club's official Dues Policy.

For answers to an assortment of other questions, check out the FAQ.

The Budd Bay Rugby Football Club season runs from August 1st - July 31st.

The Senior teams typically begin practicing in August, play through November, and begin again in January to play through May. The Sevens season then runs from June through July. Membership dues includes Summer Seven's.

The Youth teams typically begin practicing in December or January, and play through May. Summer Seven's membership is *not included*; it will be invoiced separately as needed.

The Social and Supporter Memberships are valid from August 1st - July 31st, and due in full regardlesss of when registration occurs.

All playing membership fees are owed in full upon registration. Members may opt to enter into a payment plan with Budd Bay Rugby, and pay for membership through installments. Failure to pay member account balances in full by the end of the playing season, July 31st, may result in the account bring turned over to a collection agency.

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
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