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The Steelheads

Founded in 2002, the Steelheads are not affiliated with any particular school, and that's a good thing. If you want to play an exciting team sports and want a new and different experience, and you go to high school in or near Thurston County, you can play for us.

Why Rugby?

Rugby is fun. It is a fast-paced full-contact sport similar in some aspects to football, but it is more free-flowing, like soccer.

Rugby's rules are not watered down for girls. You tackle, run, push, and struggle just like the boys do.

No cuts. We welcome every type of player and every skill level. There is a place for you on our team.

We play at a high level. If you want to play sports at a high level, then the Steelheads is where you belong. Ten of our players have achieved all-state honors in the past two seasons. Five of our players have been invited to USA U19 National Team development camps, and two of our players have been capped by the USA U19 team.

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At Budd Bay, we measure our goals as follows:

  • Use rugby to become a better and more interesting person. We do this by teaching you the fundamentals of a team sport, and the code of teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-reliance that is at the center of rugby.
  • Have fun. It's a game, and we like to enjoy playing this game.
  • Learn an activity that will make the players more likely to lead a healthy and active life.
  • Learn something about yourself and the game. We want players to continue to improve and learn. And in doing so, and in fulfilling all the other goals, you will not only enjoy yourself, you will be successful as a team and as an athlete.

Aren't all rugby players brutes?

Not at all. Look at the pictures in our photo albums, you will see players of all sizes. Every one of them has learned how to play safely and effectively. In two out of our first three years in existence, the smallest player on the team won the MVP award.

OK, I'm convinced, how do I sign up?

E-mail steelheads@buddbayrugby.com for information about the upcoming season.

Practices begin in January and the season runs into May. If you are playing another sport that goes into February, you may still join.

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