Match Highlights - Spring 2019

Here are the highlights from the 2019 Spring matches:

Match Report for 3/16

Adult Men: Buffaloes (69) vs Seattle Quake A (40)

Player of the Match: Eric "Garbage Fire" Mullins

The Buffaloes had their first home match this past Saturday against the top team in PNRFU's DIII, the Seattle Quake. The Quake has been undefeated this season and was hoping to keep their streak going, but the Buffaloes had been planning for this match since last fall, when Seattle had snuck by with a 19-17 win.
Bay was on the board first in this high scoring match; scoring three tries in the first 20 minutes. Numia Magalei scores three of his four tries of the day in the first half, ending at 38-7 Bay.
The second half started like the first half ended, with the Buffaloes running hard and scoring three tries just twenty minutes into the half. The Quake started to come back, scoring three tries in ten minutes, but Bay was already way ahead and finished out the match with a solid score of 69-40. Try scorers: Numia Magalei(4), Brett Woods(2), Eric Mullins(2), Kylar Anderson(1), Robbie Maurer(1), Malachi Jones(1); Jamie Barnwell was 7/11 for point afters attempts.
The Buffaloes next match is at home on March 30th versus the Battleground Bulls, kickoff at 12:30pm.


Adult Women: Bandits (64) vs Eugene Reign (5)

Player of the Match: Erin Stehr, Jovanna Cram, Jordan Putscher, Sarah Hulsey

Budd Bay Bandits traveled to Eugene this Saturday to take on the Reign. The Reign had a large aggressive side and gave the Bandits a beating but that didn't stop them from dominating in the scrums and rucks. A few of the starting players were unable to make it down last minute because of illnesses so the Bandits had to work together to form a new back line and put new players in different positions. The first half the Bandits were a little jumbled but by the second half they slowed the game down, got into their rhythm and played their game. Shout out to Rookie Jordan Putscher for scoring her first try. Final score Bandits 64-5


High School Varsity Girls: Steelheads (26) vs Tacoma (84)

Player of the Match: Teya Martinez

The Steelheads had their first match of the season and traveled up to Tacoma. We traveled with 7 players and borrowed a few from Tacoma to have a 10’s style match. It was a rocky start at first to say the least but after a chat with the opposing coaches and the referee the match got better. In the third period a Tacoma player that we were borrowing put the first 5 points on the board for us. Our second try came from a beautiful run by Emma Kelley who was able to pass the ball off to another borrowed player to score another try for Budd Bay. Tries were also scored by our very own Teya Martinez and Diana Campos. By the end of the game everyone had smiles on their faces and looked like they were having fun. It was a tough loss but we plan on practicing hard and getting ready for our next match!


High School Varsity Boys: Barbarians (10) vs Tacoma Tsunami (39)

Player of the Match: Kieran Hunkin 

It was a sunny day in Lacey when we had are first match against Tacoma for the year. it was a well contested match with exciting and energetic play coming from both sides. As the match went on the physicality raised and in the end that is what decided the match


High School JV Boys: Barbarians (12) vs Tacoma Tsunami (38)

Player of the Match: Ly

It was a great physical forwards game. It was sunny out and there were lots of people on the side line cheering the boys on. The score doesn't explain how hard fought and close the match truly was. Looking forward to playing them again in a few weeks.


7th/8th Grade Co-Ed: Berserkers (10) vs Eastside (74)

Player of the Match: Dillion Spicer

We traveled up to Bellevue not knowing what to expect. No matter what the score says, it was a hard fought game. The Berserkers didn’t lose any scrums, even won some of theirs! Had some rough lineouts, some great lineouts and stole some lineouts. Our back line did good at getting set, and knowing how to get the ball out of our 22 when we had the chance. Eastside seemed to have a lot of experience and were able to read the gaps and take them. But now we know what to work on! Dillion Spicer was able to score twice letting Eastside know we were there and still in the game. This being my first time coaching them, it was a joy and a pleasure watching everything we practiced come together on the field.


Rookies: Bears

Player of the Match: Declan

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when the Budd Bay Bears took the fields. Even though the opposing team begged for mercy and asked to not even show their faces at our fields (due to the wasteland of I-5 that separates us from other civilizations). Lines were drawn and the opposition’s courage and morals were called into question if they did not show. The first matches were brutal. The northern teams, unsure of how to handle the great conditions and nice fields, moxie waned and soon they fell to the Bear’s ferocity. One team called for mercy and asked to join sides with us against the Panthers. Bears leader displayed his sage like abilities and consented, only if they bend the knee and wore Budd Bay colors. Many tears were shed, but the true color of their bellies were shown. Thankfully covered by the alluring colors of BBRFC.

Our hero of the day was Mr Declan. He played up a level, and showed what BBRFC is made of. Despite the odds, despite the size, despite the commotion. A Bear will go forward with pride, determination, and spirit.


Match Report for 3/9

Adult Women: Bandits (17) vs Bend Lady Roughriders (12)

Player of the Match: Echo Duplessis , Katelyn Kirman, Erin Stehr, Kimy Peterson

This weekend the Budd Bay Bandits took on Bend Lady Roughriders for their second match of Spring Season. Tied for second place in the league, they anticipated for a tough close match and that's exactly what they got. Bend were able to suck in the Bandits defense and ran it up the sidelines twice to rack up the score in the first half 12-0. At half time the Bandits discussed this error in defense and quickly corrected it. The bandits came out hungry and fierce in the second half and dominated defensively and offensively. Machal Salazar with two tries and Echo Duplessis scoring the final and winning try with two minutes left in the match. It was a tough but well earned win and the Bandits have secured their 2nd place spot in the league. Final score Bandits 17-12.


Match Report for 3/2

Adult Women: Bandits (92) vs Boise (5)

Player of the Match: Erica Myers, Erin Stehr, Katelyn Kirman, Caitlin Thompson

Budd Bay Bandits took on the Boise Nemesis for their first match of the Spring Season. With growing numbers they came out with an entire full roster. The whistle blew and the Bandits came up strong and hard. Boise had a very large pack but the Bandits rucked hard and dominated winning control over the ball almost the entire game. They won position allowing them to not only score countless times but they were able to swing it out to the backs who broke through Boise's defensive line, racking up the score. Final score 92-5




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