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Rugby 101

Unlike most sports, each jersey number (1-15) represents a specific position on the team.  Over the next few weeks we'll go over a few of them.

The half-backs group contains thes positions of scrum-half (number 9) and fly-half (number 10).  The scrum half puts the ball into the scrum.  When the ball comes out the scrum half passes the ball to the fly-half quickly, gets involved in moves with the back row, or sometimes makes breaks to keep the opposition on their toes.  The scrum-half operates as a link between the forwards (who tend to play as a group) and the backs (who tend to be strung out across the field).

The fly-half is usually responsible for calling the shots.  Most teams will have some set plays.  The fly-half has to decide which are used and when.  The fly-half is also usually the best kicker on the side.  Whether kicking for points or for field position, the fly-half is always ready to put boot to the ball.


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Established 2000

Members selected to USA U19 National Team

One member selected to the USA National Team (Eagles)

Nationally ranked in 2000 (13th), 2001 (5th), 2005 (15th), 2006 (7th), 2011 (10th)

PNW Champions: 2001 & 2006

Washington State Champions: 2011 U19 & 2012 U16

7's Washington State Champions: 2015


"Right Rugby"

  • Respect for Club / Refs / Spectators / Opponents - Be Cool!
  • Develop individual and team confidence, on and off the pitch - Positive attitudes prevail!
  • Develop solid decision making on and off the pitch - Make the right choice!
  • Real life application - Take it with you!
  • Player-centric environment - Empower each other through teamwork!
  • Redefining winning & success - How do we roll?

"Be a part of something bigger than yourself!"

  • Get involved with our community - Do work!
  • Accept and include all your teammates - We all got skin in the game!
  • Be part of our legacy of winning rugby - Requires right character!
  • Respect our culture and traditions - Keep the game special!
  • Matches are a major event - Be honored, be humble!

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